2007 KBS Drama Awards

Give everyone an award so it will look like we got better actors and better shows. MBC did it, of course we’re bound to see the same thing happening at this years KBS Drama Awards.


Though award shows were becoming quite a big yawn lately, KBS did offer something new– up and coming stars dancing to WondergirlsTell Me. Continue Reading »


2007 MBC Drama Awards

Almost everyone didn’t come home empty handed at this years MBC Drama Awards. Not only did they gave awards to two people in one category, but they also have awards such as ‘Top Excellence in Acting’ and ‘Excellence in Acting’ where the difference is almost hard to recognize.


They even created new categories, just so they could give something to people that deserves a reward. I thought having winners and losers are the logic of award shows. But not at MBC, where everyone’s a sure winner. Check out the winners at the ceremony. Continue Reading »

Stars were seen all covered in original Adidas, where else but at the 2008 Spring/Summer Adidas Original Fashion Show held at Seoul’s aA Design Museum.


Most of them were in the same jacket, which I think are freebies. Oh, irony! Those who can afford big name brands are the ones who get to wear them for nothing. Spot which stars wore the same thing. Continue Reading »

Awards has already been given and you might still be asking yourself, ‘what was that dress she wore?‘ Look no further as we’ve done the research for you.

Jeon Do Yeon in Valentino Fall 2007

Sometimes its hard to imagine how anyone could wear some of the pieces on the runway but that didn’t stop these girls shopping for the latest and greatest fashions. Check out who wore what. Continue Reading »

The 6th Korean Film Awards

The 6th Korean Film Awards looks a bit more laid back and dull than the Blue Dragon, but the red carpet was still packed with celebrities.


As expected, the Secret Sunshine duo bagged the top acting awards while new acting awards were given to My Father‘s Daniel Henney and Hwang Jin Yi‘s Song Hye Gyo. But who’s the real winner on the red carpet? Check it out. Continue Reading »

Black can be worn all year long and celebrity after celebrity have milked this color at every fashion shows, award ceremonies or red carpet events. It is usually seen paired with an equally over used item of clothing– tights! The Blumarine 2008 Summer / Spring Collection Fashion Show is no exception.


Female stars gathered around at the Shilla Hotel located in Jangchung-dong to check out the latest offering of the international brand and perhaps in search of a new color… blu maybe? Check out the darkness at the show. Continue Reading »

Some of Koreas breast… err, best actors and film makers came out to play in the rain at this years 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards held at the National Theatre in Seoul.


Check out the ti.. err, glitz and glamour at the red carpet. Continue Reading »