2007 Mnet KM Music Festival

Korea’s biggest and most anticipated music event of the year, the 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival kicked off with a drag, last night at Jamsil Olympic Stadium.


A lot of top stars attended, performed, presented and accepted their awards. But most of the big names were no where to be seen including DBSK, BoA and Hyori. Even Shinhwa‘s Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung who were expected to attend were a no-show and fans aren’t happy. Check out those who did showed up. Continue Reading »


More than church friends?

Guess who were spotted/spotted each other at Beyonce’s concert? It’s rumored couple, Cho Seung Woo and Jung Ryeo Won. But the actress’ representative says the meeting was only accidental and neither one of them knew that the other one was going to be there.


Then what’s the big deal? Well, a couple of months ago the two were seen looking very comfortable with each others company (as seen on the picture) at their local church sparking rumors that they were a couple. Reps for both stars deny the romance and claimed they’re only “church friends”. So what are they now, concert friends?

Other celebrities who saw Beyonce’s bootylicious in flesh were Kim Ah Jung, BFF Woori and Min Hyo Rin, Lee Jung Jin, Son Tae Young also music groups SG Wannabe and Seeya.

Before these two became one of Korea’s top leading men, they once look like the typical target of bullies. Can you guess who they are?


Clue: The first one came into the spotlight after headlining one of the most successful period dramas to grace the small screen while the other one is best remembered for his goofy character in one of the most successful romantic comedies of Korean cinema.

So who are they? Continue Reading »

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Where is the rest of Hyori‘s outfit? If it weren’t for the black stockings and shorts, we would’ve seen the singer in all her glory. Perhaps she’s trying to cut down on spending too much on clothing after getting in trouble for not paying her taxes on time.


She attended the Vidal Sassoon Style Party held in Kangnam last night, showing off her long locks that seemed to have grown out of nowhere. Does the shampoo come with free hair extentions?

110907c.jpg 110907d.jpg 110907e1.jpg

Last week, news of sexy singer Ivy being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend with a sex video shocked the nation and had almost everyone taking part in solving the ‘who did what to who’ mystery. It seems everyone has said something about the case except for Ivy herself.


Things have gone downhill between the singer and ex-boyfriend Yoo Gi Ahn since her song Sonata of Temptation was released and within months, Yoo caught Ivy kissing another man who he only referred to as H. According to Yoo, he reacted just like any heart broken man would. That includes a broken windshield, smashed cellphone, a couple of threats and some money demands. But was he really after the money? Continue Reading »

Mattel Inc. releases a new set of Barbie Dolls aimed for the Asian mark… oh, it’s just Yoona, Yuri, Soo Young, Sunny, Seo Hyun, Tiffany, Hyo Yeon, Jessica, and Tae Yeon (phew!!) or otherwise known as Soh Nyu Si Dae seen here imitating the doll with a ridiculously narrow waist for their first album, Girls Generation The First Album.


Big wide eyes, stiff poses… I wonder if their heads are removable as well?

Fantom Entertainment recently held a press conference today at the YMCA hall in Kangnam to clear things up about the alleged video clip of sexy singer Ivy taken by her ex-boyfriend.

“The video does not exist!

Fantom officials released copies of threats Yoo sent to Ivy and her manager through text messages and phone calls, which he reportedly bombarded her with on 200 occasions between October 3rd to 27th. They also showed the damaged windshield of Ivy’s SM5 when Yoo threw a chair at it during an arguement they had in a cafe around the Apgujong-dong area plus a broken cellphone of the singer that Yoo smashed into pieces.


When asked about the reason why Yoo caused this much trouble, they said the conflict between the two were getting worse to the point where Ivy wanted to end her relationship with him in which he reacted in a very violent manner. The harassment continued for a whole month, including of Yoo demanding a large sum of money (around $50, 000 USD) for the removal of his tattoos in which he claimed was dedicated to Ivy.

They said that Ivy is still very much shocked by it all and will take some time off her busy schedule while Yoo is arrested and currently in custody. We have more gossip inside, Continue Reading »