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Almost everyone didn’t come home empty handed at this years MBC Drama Awards. Not only did they gave awards to two people in one category, but they also have awards such as ‘Top Excellence in Acting’ and ‘Excellence in Acting’ where the difference is almost hard to recognize.


They even created new categories, just so they could give something to people that deserves a reward. I thought having winners and losers are the logic of award shows. But not at MBC, where everyone’s a sure winner. Check out the winners at the ceremony. (more…)


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What does Yoo Seung Jun and Jang Hyuk have in common? They both tried to avoid the infamous mandatory military service and they get to be on the cover of Men’s Health. Yoo Seung Jun seen here with his son on China’s latest issue, once enjoyed high popularity in his motherland but when he signed up for US citizenship just before his enlisment, his fellow Koreans felt betrayed and was since banned from entering the country.


Jang Hyuk on the other hand was found guilty of submitting fake medical records in order to be exempted from his duties. Unlike Yoo, he had it easy and was able to redeem himself with his TV drama comeback Thank You and an upcoming international film Dance of the Dragon.. and is now flaunting his bod on the cover of Men’s Health Korea.

The 2 year military service has always been a great concern for Korean male celebrities and most delay their enlistment and some like Yoo and Jang, will try everything to avoid it in fear of disrupting the height of their career.

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