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Before these two became one of Korea’s top leading men, they once look like the typical target of bullies. Can you guess who they are?


Clue: The first one came into the spotlight after headlining one of the most successful period dramas to grace the small screen while the other one is best remembered for his goofy character in one of the most successful romantic comedies of Korean cinema.

So who are they? (more…)


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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Where is the rest of Hyori‘s outfit? If it weren’t for the black stockings and shorts, we would’ve seen the singer in all her glory. Perhaps she’s trying to cut down on spending too much on clothing after getting in trouble for not paying her taxes on time.


She attended the Vidal Sassoon Style Party held in Kangnam last night, showing off her long locks that seemed to have grown out of nowhere. Does the shampoo come with free hair extentions?

110907c.jpg 110907d.jpg 110907e1.jpg

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Mattel Inc. releases a new set of Barbie Dolls aimed for the Asian mark… oh, it’s just Yoona, Yuri, Soo Young, Sunny, Seo Hyun, Tiffany, Hyo Yeon, Jessica, and Tae Yeon (phew!!) or otherwise known as Soh Nyu Si Dae seen here imitating the doll with a ridiculously narrow waist for their first album, Girls Generation The First Album.


Big wide eyes, stiff poses… I wonder if their heads are removable as well?

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Stars gathered together last night for a good cause at AsiaCHOW located in Nonhyundong, to promote breast cancer awareness. The campaign by W Magazine was cleverly titled Love Your W with the letter shaped as breasts.


It’s a very nice change from the usual gramatically incorrect event titles that sounds like it was translated on babelfish. Check out who showed up last night. (more…)

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Lee Pa Ni and friends

I wasn’t going to post about this but her pictures are posted on every news site and her boosoms are just very hard to ignore. It’s not surprising to see her this way since 21 year old Lee Pa Ni once graced the pages of Playboy magazine after winning some contest last year.

The host for Mnet’s Bikini House is seen here for a recent photoshoot.


P.s, I’m one of the many that thinks blonde and Asian just don’t mix but for some weird reason this wig really goes well with her *ahem* features.

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