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Stars gathered together last night for a good cause at AsiaCHOW located in Nonhyundong, to promote breast cancer awareness. The campaign by W Magazine was cleverly titled Love Your W with the letter shaped as breasts.


It’s a very nice change from the usual gramatically incorrect event titles that sounds like it was translated on babelfish. Check out who showed up last night. (more…)


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They probably had one but by the looks of it, they seriously need another one.. and another one.. and another one. Will somebody please tell these two goodlooking guys that the I haven’t washed my hair for months look is disgusting? They look like they smoke pot and live in a van.


Japan’s very own Johnny Depp, Odagiri Joe recently visited Korea to promote his new movie Tokyo Tower. Upon seeing pictures of his arrival, I thought he was there to give free hugs and to spread peace and harmony coz he looked like your stereotypical Jesus. But even celebrities look terrible after a flight so I thought maybe he’ll hit the shower once he get to his hotel room and will look presentable at the presscon. I’ll let the pictures do the insults.


Meanwhile, actor So Ji Sup seen here on a photo spread for the latest issue of W magazine with his long, filthy hair starting to look like a rats nest. The concept of the shoot is based on the controversial movie The Brown Bunny which mainly consists of long sequences of uneccesary shots (mostly of narcissists Vincent Gallo) and that infamous fellatio scene. The spread was supposed to be very raunchy as it was shot by Terry Richardson and used certain scenes from the said garbage film. We’re all up for raunchy, especially if it involves a hot guy, but he looks like he need a good scrub — and a haircut or two.

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What does Yoo Seung Jun and Jang Hyuk have in common? They both tried to avoid the infamous mandatory military service and they get to be on the cover of Men’s Health. Yoo Seung Jun seen here with his son on China’s latest issue, once enjoyed high popularity in his motherland but when he signed up for US citizenship just before his enlisment, his fellow Koreans felt betrayed and was since banned from entering the country.


Jang Hyuk on the other hand was found guilty of submitting fake medical records in order to be exempted from his duties. Unlike Yoo, he had it easy and was able to redeem himself with his TV drama comeback Thank You and an upcoming international film Dance of the Dragon.. and is now flaunting his bod on the cover of Men’s Health Korea.

The 2 year military service has always been a great concern for Korean male celebrities and most delay their enlistment and some like Yoo and Jang, will try everything to avoid it in fear of disrupting the height of their career.

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